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Ever since Elton John started on the road to superstardom, there have been authors writing books about his public and personal life. This page catalogs the various biographies and other related books written about Elton John. Some of the entries here are second printings or from different countries written in different languages, but all of them have unique cover designs. They are presented here in chronological order of year published. Some books still in print have links to purchase the book from
Title: The Little Guide To Elton John
Author: unknown
Year: 2022
publisher: Oh!
ISBN: 9781800692312
pages: 192
binding: hardcover
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[description text from back cover:]
"I've always wanted to wmash a guitar over someone's head. You just can't do that with a piano.

From celebrity bust-ups and charity work to some of the world's most popular songs and gay rights, Elton John's quotes are witty, cutting, inspirational and meaningful.

In The Little Guide to Elton John, fun facts and quotes from and about one of the most outspoken pop stars give background on his personal life, career, and relationships, as well as thoughts on new artists, and a half century of work with lyricist Bernie Taupin.

As an equal rights champion, the Rocket Man encourages your to enjoy life, show off, love, and - most of all - be yourself.

Title: Elton John: 40 Years In Photographs
Author: Terry O'Neill
Year: 2022
publisher: Cassell
ISBN: 978-1-78840-373-3
pages: 256
binding: hardcover
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[description text from back cover:]
(This is a reprint of the 2019 edition featuring iconic photographs of Elton John by Terry O'Neill.)

"Looking at Terry's photographs is like gazing through a window at the most extraordinary and exciting moments of my life. I'm so glad he was with us throughout the madness: in his evocative and stylish photos he captured those moments as no other photographer could." - Elton John

Title: Elton John @75
Author: Gillian Gaar
Year: 2022
publisher: Motorbooks
ISBN: 978-0-7603-7552-5
pages: 200
binding: hardcover slipcase
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[description text from back cover:]
In Elton John @75, veteran rock critic Gillian Gaar examines a music icon through the lens of 75 key releases and accomplishments. Pivotal studio and live albums are featured, as are a curated selection of Elton's expertly crafted singles. But Gaar delves deeper to reveal the moments and connections that helped define his career: his partnership with songwriter Bernie Taupin; jaw-dropping performances such as the Dodger Stadium residency, Live Aid, and the Freddy Mercury Tribute; key film and television roles, including Tommy, The Muppet Show, and Soul Train; tireless work on behalf of AIDS research; and his personal relationships. This unique celebration of Elton - from rock-mad British teen to his breakthrough singles like "Your Song" and landmark LPs such as Honky Château - is illustrated with live concert and candid offstage photography and memorabilia, right up to the epic Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. The book also includes gatefolds featuring a timeline and the painting "A Party of Eltons," a previously unpublished glossy print, and a pullout concert poster. The result is a stunning tribute to one of the most admired stars in rock 'n' roll.
Title: Elton John La Totale
Author: Romauld Ollivier and Olivier Roubin
Year: 2022
publisher: EPA
ISBN: 978-2376713814
pages: 607
binding: hardcover
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[description text from back cover:]
Enfin décrypté, le foisonnant répertoire d'Elton John, un artiste à la longévité exceptionnelle, dont le talent, la sensibilité et l'éclectisme marquent l'histoire de la pop et suscitent l'engouement du public depuis plus de 50 ans.

Introverti et complexé par son physique, Reginald Dwight – futur Elton John – grandit à Pinner, petite ville de la banlieue londonienne, entre une mère au tempérament volcanique et un père absent. Mais le feu de la musique brûle déjà en lui. Musicien précoce à l’oreille prodigieuse et aux goûts éclectiques, Elton John fait ses gammes à la Royal Academy of Music de Londres tout en jouant dans des groupes amateurs de rock, de blues ou de jazz amateurs. En 1967, le hasard met sur sa route Bernie Taupin, son alter ego, dont il choisit de mettre les mots en musique. Ensemble, ils vont composer des centaines de chansons dont une longue série d’hymnes intemporels tels que Your Song, Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man, I’m Still Standing ou Candle In The Wind. Avec 300 millions de disques vendus et près de 4000 concerts donnés dans 80 pays, Elton John est devenu, en 55 ans de carrière, une légende de la musique pop.

Cet ouvrage propose pour la première fois le décryptage de 440 chansons de son répertoire, analysant leur genèse, leurs paroles, mélodies, arrangements... De «Empty Sky» en 1969, à «The Lockdown Sessions», en 2021, il déroule ainsi le fil de l’une des discographies les plus impressionnantes de la pop au travers de témoignages, d’anecdotes et d’extraits d’interviews, dessinant en creux le portrait de cet artiste hors norme que l’on ne saurait résumer à son exubérance scénique et à ses tenues excentriques.

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