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by David Bodoh
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This page catalogs obscure and collectible Elton John albums that were only issued locally in specific countries. Though none of these have rare songs, they are of interestto collectors for their alternate sleeve designs or unique track selections. A few of these were only issued promotionally, so they are paticularly rare. These albums are mainly vinyl LPs and CDs, but there are also a few cassette tape compilations included. The albums are organized alphabetically below by country of origin.
Argentina4 pressings
Australia2 pressings
Belgium2 pressings
Brazil17 pressings
Canada5 pressings
Chile8 pressings
China7 pressings
Czechoslovakia1 pressing
Colombia2 pressings
East Germany1 pressing
Ecuador1 pressing
France14 pressings
Germany29 pressings
Greece1 pressing
Holland16 pressings
Hong Kong1 pressing
Hungary1 pressing
India1 pressing
Indonesia1 pressing
Iran1 pressing
Italy11 pressings
Japan20 pressings
Korea15 pressings
Malaysia2 pressings
Mexico4 pressings
New Zealand1 pressing
Peru2 pressings
Portugal3 pressings
Russia52 pressings
Norway1 pressing
Saudi Arabia1 pressing
South Africa4 pressings
Spain6 pressings
Turkey1 pressing
Taiwan13 pressings
UK38 pressings
Uruguay2 pressings
USA32 pressings
Venezuela3 pressings
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