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All The Way Down To El Paso
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Piano demo recorded during the "Elton John" sessions
Released in 2008 on the deluxe edition of "Elton John" album
Music:Elton John
Lyrics:Bernie Taupin
Caught me a bus early today
Hours before my dinner time
Packed my case on the early shift
And I left this shack behind
Oh I said I left this shack behind
You may think I done wrong
The police may think so too
But I'm sick and tired of this crumbling life
I said I'm doing what I gotta do
Lord I said I'm doing what I gotta do
Say goodbye to Rachael Anne
Tell her that I had to go
Tell her she can follow my tracks if she wants
All the way down to El Paso
Singin' all the way down, all the way down to El Paso
People there, so I've been told
Treat you like a man
Who don't creep 'round your house at night
Or mutilate your land
Oh I said, mutilate your land
(repeat chorus)
Rachael Anne, if you can
You'll know where to find me
Follow the tracks I left back there
All along the highway
Lord I said all along the highway
(repeat chorus)
© 1970
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