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Countryside Love Affair
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1967 demo released on the Jewel Box collection in 2020.
Writer:Reg Dwight
Producer:Caleb Quaye
I'm gonna nestle in the grass
And let the hours go past
Talk to Dr. Rabbit and Dentist Hare
Go to lunch with Maureen Crow and Henry Bear
Siting on a log with nothing to do
I'm having a countryside love affair
Swimming in the brook with Agnes Trout
It's nice to know all of my friends have come out
To play in the sunshine and kiss the grass
Sitting on a log with something to do
I'm having a countryside love affair
If you could I'm gonna take you there
It's something that we got to share
When you get there you just won't believe your eyes
You'll be saying I'll learn to fly
Countryside love affair
I've been back in town just three whole days
And I want to go back to my little log
Just to see my relations again
And talk of the good times that we've had
In my countryside love affair
A countryside love affair
A countryside love affair...
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