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Cry Willow Cry
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1968 demo released on the Jewel Box collection in 2020.
Music:Elton John
Lyrics:Bernie Taupin
Producer:Caleb Quaye
Underneath your branches I have spent so many hours
Looking at the sky, wondering why the trees are towers
The photos in my pocket are pictures of the past
A slim reminder of the rain that's hidden in the grass
And I can see, I can see the things I want to be
And cry willow, cry willow, cry
And cry willow, cry willow, cry
Bend your branches and defy the cloudless sky
And cry willow, cry willow, cry
Now I stand and watch the geese as they go South
Watch a while, willow as they fly o'er our house
I understand now fully well, the words are in my mouth
So put me on the goose's back and let us all fly South
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)
© 1968-06
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