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Recorded as a duet with Eddie Vedder
Included on the 2021 album "The Lockdown Sessions"
Writer:Elton John, Eddie Vedder, Andrew Wotman
Riding beside me, silver light lightning
Time quickly disappears
Born out of fireworks, still looking skyward
As darkness reappears
You gotta figure it's an E-Ticket ride
Why else stand in line?
We take a ride in our E-Ticket minds
Tell me yours, I'll tell you mine, tell you mine
E-Ticket ride
In between moments, questions and quotients
Solved, yet still not clear
Looking for answers, we make up new dances
Ain't that enough, if that's all there is?
(repeat chorus)
I've no need to pledge my faith
To nothin' but time and tide
And I can see the universe
As the universe sees me, yeah
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)
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