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Face To Face
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Elton John sang this duet with Gary Barlow on his 2013 album
Writer:Gary Barlow, John Shanks
It's a true sign of the soldier
Taking care of the hearts around us
And the whole world loves a hero
A leader and a shoulder to cry on
That's what you are to me
Everyone around can see, yeah
When we're face to face, oh
When the music plays, oh
Standing side by side
Put the past behind us
No one can take your place
When we're face to face
You can measure the strength of a human
By the weight of the love around them
One sweet light in the darkness
Guided us all like a pilot
That's what you are to me
Everyone around believes, yeah
(repeat chorus)
When you live your life with the passion
Taking nothing for granted
You made me believe if you give love, you will find it
You, you are the world to me, yeah
A heart as wide as the ocean
You aim to climb every mountain
And the unknown you understand it
Yeah you do
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)
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