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Go Out And Get It
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Elton John's 1968 Warlock Session demo version was never released.
Writer:John Martyn
And it's yours, go out and get it
Don't get wet, please keep dry
Think about the people who made you cry
I believe in a minute for every man
Where he must take notice of the clock and all its hands
If he sees the road turning straight ahead
Got to run on down, never never be afraid
(repeat chorus)
I know a man, well he's six feet tall
Buckskin jacket, velvet stripes and all
From the Boston town, yeah, is educated well
And he keeps his mind within a padded cell
(repeat chorus)
Behind the curtain, upon the shelf
Lives a man living with himself
Behind his his eyes, behind his smile
What's going on, anybody in the world can tell
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)
© 1969
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