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I'll Stop Living When You Stop Loving Me
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1968 demo released on the Jewel Box collection in 2020.
Music:Elton John
Lyrics:Bernie Taupin
Producer:Caleb Quaye
Have you ever seen a bluebird smile
Or watched a leaf cry for a while
Have you ever heard someone before
Kinda choke walk out the door
That's how it feels to be left alone
Without a love to call your own
Breaking up isn't easy to do
It's like a tall brick wall falling in on you
I know you can find someone richer than me
But I'll stop living if you stop loving me
Baby you know that I'll stop living
When you stop loving me
The sun is someone that stood in the sky
And I'd give you the sun if I could reach that high
I'd give you the moon, the stars and the sea
As long as you never think of setting me free
(repeat chorus)
So let us walk along the tide line
'Cause whatever your time's my time
And everything is gonna work out fine
I know in the end, you're staying mine
(repeat chorus)
© 1968-04
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