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Nothing Left But Ashes
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Music:Elton John
Lyrics:Bernie Taupin
Nothing gained from being without a friend
I feel maimed tied to the misery
Living in the ruins of this hollow dream
Nothing turned out the way I planned it
Nothing's what it seemed
The hands that stir the embers
The sparks that start the fire
Passion can't control itself
And flames should warm desire
But there's nothing left but ashes
After the fire has gone
Oh little hot-white cinders
That we're walking on
But they turned to grey and blew away
And left us living on
There's nothing left but ashes
After the fire has gone
Traces are gone
Survival here's just hell
I look for comfort
In the core of my own shell
Scorched by your anger in this tragic scene
Nobody saw the punches coming
Nobody felt like me
The torch that lit your last words
The ones that burned me most
Arson is a crime that kills
Desertion can't be worse
(repeat chorus)
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