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Available on the album Ice On Fire
Music:Elton John
Lyrics:Bernie Taupin
Synthesizers:Elton John
Drums:Mel Gaynor
Bass:Deon Estus
Electric guitar:Nik Kershaw, Fred Mandel
Keyboards and finger clicks:Fred Mandel
Synth guitar:Davey Johnstone
Backing vocals:Pete Wingfield, Alan Carvell, Davey Johnstone
Well you come on like a comet, ideas in your head
Starving for affection, waiting to be fed
Crazy like a full moon, eyes open wide
Taking in everything you need to stay alive
Who leads who, who knows where
If you leave me now will I see you again
I'm telling you love bites
Like a satellite
Going round and round
It's something, something you can't fight
Oh in the daylight
And even in the dark night
I want you to surround me
Surround me like a satellite
Oh you move like a shadow of your own design
Do you want to trap me in between the lines
I don't walk on water if you think I can
If you want a miracle call up a Superman
Are we there
Is this love
Is this a space race
That we're both part of
© 1985
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