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Recorded for the musical Billy Elliot
Elton's demo version is unreleased
Music:Elton John
Lyrics:Lee Hall
I won't say it'll be easy
It's against all odds
Chances are you'll never make the grade
If you want things easy, give it all a miss
Take the life that you've already made
But you know it won't be easy
Spending every year
Playing at the same thing till you die
You'll be in bed in winter dreaming of the past
Thinking of the days you could have tried
You can stay put, fuck it up
Mess about with your little mates
Sunshine, that's fine
But I think you got what it takes
And it takes balls, real balls honey
Piss about and you'll make a mess
You can't be scared of failure
If you really want success
No, no it won't be easy
It's a lot of graph
They say nothing ventured nothing gained
You can put your feet up, give yourself a break
If you don't think it can be sustained
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)
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