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Too Many Tears
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Available on the album Peachtree Road
Music:Elton John
Lyrics:Bernie Taupin
piano, vocals, rhodes:Elton John
electric guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, DOBRO, backing vocals:Davey Johnstone
drums, backing vocals:Nigel Olsson
programming, orchestration:Guy Babylon
bass, backing vocals:Bob Birch
percussion, backing vocals:John Mahon
electric cello:Martin Tillmann
Did you see the first man on the moon
Have you seen the first light of day
When there wasn't someone stuck inside
Something like the moon
Something like a star that's lost its way
Did you go to Dallas on that day
Have you been to where they broke a dream
Where there really isn't room for doubt
Somehow we got lost
And the truth is buried somewhere inbetween
And everyone, everywhere
Take time and dry your eyes
'Cause too many tears, too many tears
Have been cried
Just look into that beautiful blue
That beautiful blue, blue sky
And know too many tears, too many tears
Have been cried
The mystery of why they had to leave
I'm only one of thousands saying why
Why a balcony in Memphis Tennessee
Seems trapped in time
Just an angry finger pointing at the sky
Would you wait to stand inside his shoes
And is the best all you have to give
The barefoot man lived a simple life
I guess he knew
Somethings die so other things might live
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus)
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